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“Ol’ man river, dat ol’ man river,

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He just keeps rollin’,

He keeps on rollin’ along.”

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United Kingdom’s Project Manager

Tara Furlong has worked across private and public sectors inside and outside of education for twenty years in the UK and abroad. She has an ongoing interest in the relationship between multi-modal and contextualised versus abstracted learning; and its mirror in social and literate practice and language across life spheres.

Tara specialises in adult and digital iteracies, and is a founding member of this international learner voice publication project.

“Why this project, Tara?”

“The years demonstrate to me the importance of recognising and celebrating the ongoing grit, application and determination it takes every day people to move forward, through the obstacles and difficulties, and make their lives one small step at a time with the people around them.

I hope these stories inspire others to engage in the diverse forms of adult education available, and to make the most of their lives and their communities with the support around them. Adult education is transformational.”

Contact details:

[email] resilience@rapal.org.uk

[Skype] tara.furlong

[LinkedIn] https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tarafurlong

[g+] http://google.com/+DesigningfuturesUkEU

[twitter] @FurlongTara

[web] designingfutures.uk