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Nurun Nahar

Nurun’s full name is Nurun Nahar Zorna-Hoque and she has progressed over the last few years through being a learner, a working mother and Learner Volunteer at the Ideas Store, Tower Hamlets; to studying social care full-time and hosting community events.

Nurun’s journey started with participating in a family learning programme at her children’s school to develop her English and other skills and help her children with their homework. She went on to do more courses at the Ideas Store which developed her language skills and confidence and helped her to gain part-time employment. She continued developing her English, maths and then IT to gain qualifications and volunteer at the Ideas Store supporting other learners.

She is now doing a health and social care course at college and participating in a community programme to host ‘women only’ events locally. She is proud to have inspired others to engage with adult learning, to which she attributes her success at improving her quality of life and that of her family and community.

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Learner Nurun

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 Nurun’s Story